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16 November 2008 @ 01:06 pm
I'm out of school today and I'm bored.However, The view has sparked my mind. WTF were you thinking Nebraska and California? You can't take basic rights from people. They have the right to be married and they should be able to marry in their hometown or where they're living. For people who voted on Prop 8, you are a bunch of fucking idiots who believed what a commercial told you. How about researching the facts that your kid can't be taught something you don't want them to. Or, that hey YOU CAN'T TURN GAY RETARDS. No matter what your kid sees, they won't get turned gay. You can't turn someone straight and you can't turn them gay. It's just something that you'll always know and it'll come to you later in life. Some people still can't deal with this and that it's true. So, they hide behind religion saying that's not how God intended marriage to be. WRONG. Before this whole bible finding or however it came to, the oldest married couple was two guys. So, maybe people need to get from behind their religions and lets band together as one to let people have rights.

On to Arkansas banning gay people and single couples. from adopting.Someone told me it was single people too that they banned and unmarried couples. WHY? Why are they keeping kids from deserving homes? These kids need someone to love and care for them no matter what. They'll rather put a kid into an abusive home instead of a loving home that has gay parents, a single mother or father or an unmarried couple. It's like STFD and give these kids what they need, should have and deserve.

It truly makes me sad, but America really isn't the land of the free.

I'm finally posting this because well, I had to go do some research for a bit.

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